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Nadine Wenz


Nadine Wenz

Inside Sales Manager

Nadine Wenz began her career working for the State of Connecticut in the Consumer Assistance and Information Division. Since joining Unitec in 2004 Nadine has been a key component in developing, maintaining, and growing client relationships. From her years of experiences working directly with customers and clients, Nadine has become involved in the initial stages of sales cycles, as she is knowledgeable about providing our clients with the information and support that they need. Nadine’s genuine concern for helping others has helped Unitec form lasting relationships with clients that allow our company to continue to satisfy and provide our clients with the best products for their needs.

Nadine’s hobbies include gardening and baking. She enjoys vacationing in Cape Cod, which she travels to every year. She owns a Ragdoll kitty named Montague or Monty for short.


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