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Ola Kaminska


Ola Kamińska

Marketing Director

Ola Kaminska finished her undergraduate career at the University of Connecticut with degrees in both Business Marketing and Mass Media Communication and a minor in Spanish. Recently, she completed her Master’s Degree at UConn in Business Analytics and Project Management.

At Unitec, Ola is bringing our clients closer to the consumers; telling the stories of the companies that make life-changing products with SolidWorks and what inspired them to do so. She also manages all the media accounts and coordinates all the fun events we hold for our current and future clients.

Ola’s hobbies include cooking, traveling, and dance. She finds the cuisine and dance styles of different countries very intriguing. Much like the rest of our staff, Ola is a pet lover with a cat and dog of her own. Her cat is a mixed breed named Ziutka and her dog is a very large Boxer/Labrador mix named Zefir.



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