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Steve Philbrick


Steve Philbrick

Application Engineer

Steve Philbrick began his career as a CAD Engineer for Ethan Allen’s packaging lab, which is where he first was exposed to 3D CAD. He has done CAD management for several companies including i2 Systems, Hologic, and Ward Leonard. His first experience in the VAR environment was at SolidVision where he was an application engineer. Since joining Unitec in 2012, Steve has taken on the roles of SolidWorks training, onsite technical support and software upgrades, and creating written and video blogs to enhance the CAD experience for everyone. Steve’s goal is to help clients “bridge the gap” in understanding technology. He enjoys teaching clients to apply products in new ways that can help their careers moving forward.

Steve is a radio control enthusiast, and is very interested in how the recent explosion in 3D printing has made technology so much more accessible, and has blurred the traditional lines between “prototype” and “production”.  His hobbies include building and flying scale radio control airplanes. One of his planes won “Best Electric” at the 2014 CCRCC’s Big Biplane Bash in Farmington, CT. He recently built his first kit based on parts he drew in SolidWorks and had parts made through laser cutting; a 50” wingspan SE5A biplane from WWI. He also built a 5 foot radio control model of the WW2 battleship “Yamato”. Steve is also an amateur history buff; he enjoys reading about Ancient Greece & Rome, Medieval Europe, and especially Civil War, WWI/ WW2 history. He even built my own suit of armor, chainmail, by hand using thousands of wire links.

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