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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Product Matrix

Compare SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and its two add-on modules, HVAC module and the Electronic Cooling module, to learn what best fits your company needs.

Features SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation with HVAC SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation with Electronic Cooling
Concurrent Engineering
Fully Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
Full Associativity with 3D Design Changes
SOLIDWORKS Configurations & Material Properties Support
Post Processing
Contour, Iso-Surface, Surface, Section Result Plot
Display Parameter Values at Specified Points
Display Parameter Values Calculated Over the Specified Surface or Volume
Display Flow Trajectories as Flow Streamlines
List Values on Selected Entities
Compare Mode Tools
Animation of Results
Customizable Flow Simulation Report
eDrawings of Flow Simulation Results
Design Comparison Studies
Design Comparison with Parametric Simulation
Fluid Flow Simulation
Analyze Liquid and Gas Flow
Simulate Internal and External Fluid Flow
Simulate Steady-state and Transient Phenomena
Unique Transitional Turbulence Model
Handles Subsonic, Transonic and Supersonic Regimes
Simulate Flow of Non-Newtonian Liquids
Rotating Mesh
Rotating Regions
Simulate Fluid Driving Motion with Rotating Regions
Wall Motion
Global Rotation
Local Region
Thermal Fluid Simulation
Simulate Heat Transfer within Fluids and Between Fluids and Solids
Consider Heat Transfer Within the Fluid and Between Walls and the Fluid (Convection)
Consider Heat Exchange Through Solids (Conduction)
Include Radiative Heat Transfer Between Solids
Enriched Library
Additional Fans from Different Fan Manufacturers
Enhanced Solids Materials
Enriched Library for HVAC
Large Database of Specific Building Materials
Thermal Comfort Parameters Simulation
Predict the Degree of Thermal Comfort of People Exposed to Thermal Environments (PMV, PPD…)
Estimate Air Quality of Environment (LAQI)
Advanced Radiation Simulation
Consider Radiation Spectrum in Heat Transfer Simulation
Consider Absorption of Radiation in Solid Bodies
Tracer Study
Study Flow of a Certain Admixture (Tracer) in the Existing Carrier Fluid
Measure Effectiveness of a Ventilation System in Removing Contaminated Air (CRE)
Enriched Library for Electronic Cooling
Library of Thermoelectric Coolers
Library of Two-Resistor Components
Library of Printed Circuit Boards
Library of Interface Materials
Dedicated Electronic Cooling Simulation
Provides Specific Models for Electronic Cooling Testing (Heat Pipes, Two-Resistor Components, Electrical Contact Resistance, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)…)
Joule Heating Simulation
Consider Electrical Joule Heat Release in Heat Transfer Simulation