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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Product Matrix

Compare SOLIDWORKS Simulation Packages – SOLIDWORKS Simulation software is available in three different versions: Standard, Professional and Premium. Learn more about the features included in each version below.

Features Simulation Premium Simulation Professional Simulation Standard
Concurrent Engineering
Fully Embedded in SOLIDWORKS CAD
Full Association with Design Changes
Support for SOLIDWORKS Configurations
Static Studies
 Part and Assembly Structural Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
Fatigue Studies
Motion Analysis
Time-based Motion Analysis
Event-based Motion
Design Studies
Design Comparison Studies
Finite Element Analysis
Support for SOLIDWORKS Material Properties
Solid, Shell and Beam Modeling
Mesh Control Capabilities
Failure Mesh Diagnostic
Customizable Material Library
Loads and Restraints
Force and Pressure Loads
Assembly Connectivity Analysis
Bonded Contact Condition
Node-to-Node, Surface-to-Surface Contact Condition
Shrink Fit Condition
Virtual Wall Condition
Connectors Safety Check
Self-Contact Condition
Edge and Spot Weld
Contour, Iso-Surface, Surface, Section Result Plots
Probe Tools
Design Insight
Hot Spot Detection
Compare Test Data
Animation of Results
Trend Tracker
Customizable Simulation reports
eDrawings of Simulation Results
Material Types
Material Database
Composite Materials
Thermal Analysis
Thermal Studies
Frequency Simulation
Frequency Studies
Buckling or Collapse Simulation
Buckling Studies
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation
Pressure Vessel Studies
Structural Topology Analysis
Topology Studies
Linear Dynamic Simulation
Linear Dynamic Studies
Harmonic Analysis
Random Vibration Analysis
Response Spectrum Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis
Large Displacement Analysis
Nonlinear Static Buckling Analysis
Nonlinear Contact Analysis
Analysis of Elastomers
Plastic Deformation Studies
Off-loaded Solving
Off-loaded Solving