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For UnitecContinuous improvement – that’s what many people and companies strive for. NPI/Medical has the concept ingrained in its culture, employees, and processes. The company is always working to improve their client’s experience from the first initial discussions to final program launch. This dedication to putting their customers first is one of the many things which truly make NPI/Medical Anything but Prototypical™.

NPI/Medical’s core values exemplify was it means to be a “Yes we can” company.  Each employee is accountable, customer focused, process driven and displays a can-do attitude. These core values further complement NPI/Medical’s value proposition to accelerate customers New Product Introductions while redefining their supply chains.

With the constant desire to improve their processes and the customer experience, NPI/Medical has created a seamless journey for new product development in the medical device, life sciences, and healthcare segments. NPI/Medical is a prototype to production house which covers every step of the development cycle from concept prototypes, to DFM, bridge tooling, to molding production components, as well as assemble, kit, and package components in an ISO 13485 clean room environment.  This method allows clients a simple, stress-free experience from start to finish.  Creating a customer-centric philosophy is what makes NPI/Medical stand out from any other typical “molder”.

The company prides themselves, and rightfully so, on their value proposition for complete supply chain optimization. There is For unitec 2only one purchase order for all aspects of the production cycle since NPI/Medical manages all product development stages under one roof. Each project has one assigned project manager and the same engineers until completion. This process allows the engineers to be familiar with the client’s specifications to the fullest without having to pass the work to anyone else between stages. This minimizes complications and miscommunication at any part of the production process, in turn, reducing mistakes and the need to prototype again. But it doesn’t stop there.

The company also has a very skilled team of inspectors and Quality/Process Engineering team to check the products at every stage of the production cycle. This constant testing and validation helps narrow the window of errors that typically are found right before mass production in manufacturing houses. The company is very progressive and aims to stay up to date with the latest equipment to further reduce errors. Staying current with the latest technology also helps NPI/Medical work with very tight tolerances that their client’s products require.

Clients are the number one priority at NPI/Medical. They provide services to a variety of customers from well-known brands to startups that are still trying to get their feet wet in the medical device industry. Using SolidWorks and other CAD software they can adjust themselves depending on the needs of any medical equipment innovator and strive to accommodate them in every way possible. They even built a new kitting room in the last year, to assist in the needs of a client. Now all customers can benefit from this addition – talk about great customer service. NPI/Medical also invests in their customer base with their DynaClass® tooling system, which allows clients to choose prototype tooling options, depending upon their specific program needs.

clean room assembly unitecIt’s not only the customers who are happy with the company. The employees of NPI/Medical are very enthusiastic about their workplace. A handful of employees travel from New York state to Ansonia, Connecticut every day to get to work. That kind of commute says a lot about the company culture and the employee’s desire to stay in such a friendly work environment. Similarly, many employees could have retired many years ago but they enjoy what they do and the people they work with thus have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

NPI/Medical has an empowering and forward-thinking culture and it shows with the way they interact with the customers and employees. They are a great example of valuing the customer and creating a customer-centric business model. Displaying signs of continuous improvement shows in every aspect of their company from customer satisfaction to process optimization to facility updates. This makes them a true “Yes” company that can help you with your next innovative medical device.

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Ola is Unitec's marketing director. She started with Unitec in mid-2016 after completing degrees in Business Marketing and Mass Media Communication. She has recently completed her Master's degree in Business Analytics and Project Management at the University of Connecticut. Ola is dedicated to bringing Unitec's clients closer to the necessary information to ensure their success.

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