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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

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With over 7 billion people in the world, we all hope to make an impact on others during our time. Influence, regardless of how small it may seem, may cause a large change to someone’s life. Impacts could be obvious like being a celebrity and shaping the news of the world. Or it could be subtle, where you may be saving someone’s life but the identity of their hero is unknown – and not all superheroes wear capes.

The people of Sequel Special Products are superheroes for countless men, women, and children. They are the perfect example of making a difference in people’s lives daily without the acknowledgement of the individual’s they are supporting. These heroes have been improving people’s health for many generations.

It all started with the founder of Thomaston Special Tool, Frank DeBisschop. He was a tool maker and an inventor. With his innovative ideas, DeBisschop and his four sons created revolutionary tools and dies as well as fabricated stamped components and small assemblies. In fact, Frank was one of the best when it came to stamped gears. During his early years, he was called to visit a company in upstate New York. The company was having issues finding someone that could make the gears they wanted and were told that Frank could potentially help them out. During the meeting, Frank simply looked at the prints and asked the group if they want them made on the high or low end of the tolerance? They laughed at the wise-guy comment since even creating the ged-d-proj-mgmtars in the current print tolerance seemed impossible. He left that meeting and successfully created the parts better than expected.

In 1967, Torrington Company acquired Thomaston Special Tool which quickly became a key resource to major medical device companies, such as Johnson & Johnson and US Surgical Corporation. Scott DeBisschop, Frank’s youngest son, managed the medical device business for  the Torrington Company.

In 1994, The Torrington Company decided to exit the medical business and concentrate on its core bearing business. Scott acquired this piece of business from the Torrington Co. and called his new company  “Sequel” Special Products. This was a new medical device company, named as the “second coming” of medical manufacturing and design work within the DeBisschop family. In 2000, Mark DeBisschop, Scott’s nephew, became the Director of Engineering for Sequel Special Products after working there for four years prior and is currently the Vice President running day to day operations.. Scott DeBisschop remains the company’s President.

Sequel Special Products has a variety of medical devices that they manufacture and / or design. Sequel’s clients range from the leading medical corporations to start-ups looking to make their ideas into reality. Sequel Special Products and Sequel Medical Design make up Sequel Medical for a OneSourceSolution for their clients. The process starts at concept design in SolidWorks moving into prototyping and pilot manufacture, onto large-scale manufacturing and packaging of sterile and non-sterile surgical instruments.

One of the most popular medical devices  Sequel Special Products manufactures is the Stretta hand held therapy device. This is one of the many products that is part of the OneSourceSolution. This is a device that is an alternative to harmful drugs and risky surgeries for people with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Stretta has a long catheter that is inserted through the mouth during a short ninety-minute procedure. cathr

This product is very involved when it comes to manufacturing. Most of its components are created in the clean room and tested extensively. For example, the instrument consists of four long needles at the end of its catheter section. The needles are released once the device is in the patient’s esophagus. Each needle is individually tested to check that it passes the exact specifications. After a minute of testing, if the needle passes the test, it is accepted and placed into the Stretta.

Stretta is one of many products manufactured by Sequel Special Products at their facility in Wolcott, CT. The owners of the company say that the most rewarding part of the job is helping create products for the medical industry that ultimately improve people’s lives through innovation and technology. – spoken like true hero’s.

Ola is Unitec's marketing director. She started with Unitec in mid-2016 after completing degrees in Business Marketing and Mass Media Communication. She has recently completed her Master's degree in Business Analytics and Project Management at the University of Connecticut. Ola is dedicated to bringing Unitec's clients closer to the necessary information to ensure their success.

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