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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Product Matrix

Compare SOLIDWORKS Plastics Packages. SOLIDWORKS Plastics software is available in three different versions: Standard, Professional and Premium. Learn more about the features included in each version below.

Features SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard

CAD Engineering
SOLIDWORKS Native Files Support
Associative with SOLIDWORKS
SOLIDWORKS – embedded

Plastics Material Database
4000+ Commercial Plastics

Boundary Mesh (shell)
Solid 3D Mesh
Global Mesh Refinement
Local Mesh Refinement

Simulation Capabilities
Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
Packing Phase (2nd Stage Injection)
Automatic Gate Location(s)
Instantaneous Fill Time Plot
Sink Mark Analysis
Running Balancing

Mold Geometry Support
Runner Design Wizard
Sprues and Runners
Hot and Cold Runners
Multi-cavity Molds
Family Molds
Cooling Lines
Baffles and Blubbers
Conformal Cooling Channels
Mold Inserts

Advanced Simulation Capabilities
Insert Overmolding
Fiber Analysis
Reaction Injection Molding (RIM; Thermosets)
Valve Gate (Sequential Injection)
Cooling Line Analysis
Conformal Cooling Analysis
Warpage Analysis

Fill Time
Ease of Fill
Results Advisor
Pressure at End of Fill
Flow Front Temperature
Temperature at End of Fill
Shear Stress
Shear Rate
Cooling Time
Weld Lines
Air Traps
Sink Marks
Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill
Velocity Vectors
Clamp Force
Cycle Time
Volumetric Shrinkage
Sink Mark Profiles
Part Cooling Time
Part Temperature at End of Cooling
Mold Temperature at Cooling End
Displacement due to Residual Stress
Displacement due to Total Residual Stress
Displacement due to In-Model Residual Stress
Displacement due to Thermal Stress (after Injection)

Report Generation
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint