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View the features and capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Model-Based definitions to see if its the right fit for you and your business.

Features Model-Based Definition (MBD)
3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
Intelligent Dimensioning, Tolerancing, and Annotation (DimXpert)
Freestyle Dimensioning, Tolerancing, and Annotation (Reference Dimensions)
Comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM)
3D PMI Organization
3D Annotation Views
Automatic Show and Hide Annotations as a Model Rotates
3D Views Capturing Annotation Views, Configurations, Display States, Section View, and other View Settings
3D Model Break Views
3D Radial Explode Views
3D Output
Publish to eDrawings
3D Output Template Customization
Rich Predefined 3D Output Templates
3D PDF with 3D PMI, Views, and Meta Properties