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The Rx tool for Your Vault

If you’re having a challenge with a SolidWorks session, this SolidWorks Rx can collect SolidWorks files along with relevant system information, and zip it up to send to your reseller for assistance. But what if you need to collect info from your SolidWorks PDM Vault – Standard or Professional?

There’s a utility called Collect Support Information – think of it as a SolidWorks Rx for your vault!

Start in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool on the SOLIDWORKS PDM client computer and log in as the Admin user.

Right click on the vault name select Collect Support Information.

This brings you to the Collect Logs and Settings screen.

We recommend checking all items, and then clicking Next to bring you to the next screens.

On the Collect Archives screen, optionally add specific folders or files in your vault to the package.



On the Create SQL Backup screen, optionally you can select Generate a backup to the following location and specify the location to store the backup.

On the Add Additional Information screen, you can add a text message such as a problem description to the package.

Finally, on the Create Package screen, click Browse. In the open dialog box, specify the package name and the location to store the package and click Save.

You’re now ready to send the zip file off for assistance!

Since joining Unitec in 2012, Steve has taken on the roles of SolidWorks training, onsite technical support and software upgrades, and creating written and video blogs to enhance the CAD experience for everyone. Steve’s goal is to help clients “bridge the gap” in understanding technology. He enjoys teaching clients to apply products in new ways that can help their careers moving forward.

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