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SolidWorks Shortcuts for the Advanced User

Previously, we talked about shortcuts for the beginner. Here are some additional ones to help you work even faster and more efficiently in SolidWorks!

When first opening files in SolidWorks, the R key allows you to quickly browse for recent documents, then use the window to quickly select one, or use “Show in Folder” to browse to the folder where it’s located.

Use the ALT key to expand the options for any file:

Have you ever wanted to quickly un-clutter your workspace for a presentation, or to show a coworker?

F9 – Hides the Feature Tree, and F10 hides all toolbars in one click.

Leaving  you with a clean window!

To zoom into a specific area of your part or assembly use the G key – this brings up the magnifier. Use the cursor to position it, and the center mouse button/ roller to zoom in and out.

To quickly hide components in an assembly, use the Tab key.

Just as important – Shift + Tab brings them back!

New for 2018, Select over Geometry tool lets you drag a box or lasso over a model without starting the drag from a blank region of the graphics area. Use the T key to activate this technique.

Let’s not forget Mouse Gestures! These can be accessed by dragging the right mouse button, and selecting the desired command. In SolidWorks 2018 you can set the number of mouse gestures to 2, 3, 4, 8, or even 12 gestures.

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, click Tools > Customize, or right-click in the window border and select Customize.

You can also print these out for reference using Print List.

Anything we missed? Add them to the comments section!

Since joining Unitec in 2012, Steve has taken on the roles of SolidWorks training, onsite technical support and software upgrades, and creating written and video blogs to enhance the CAD experience for everyone. Steve’s goal is to help clients “bridge the gap” in understanding technology. He enjoys teaching clients to apply products in new ways that can help their careers moving forward.

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