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Packaging is an important part of any business, but it’s usually overlooked until the very last moment. Whether you’re a small machine shop or a large aerospace manufacturer getting the product to your customer safely and in a timely fashion isn’t always as easy as it sounds. That is where Champlin-Packrite comes in – helping its customers ship and receive their products safely. Champlin specializes in custom design and manufacturing of small and large parts packaging in a variety of materials such as wood, corrugated, plastics, and foam.

Champlin-Packrite has been in Hartford, CT since 1931. The company was started in Rochester, New Hampshire by William Champlin and run by the Champlin family for many years. The company is now owned by Rory Poole, an energetic and determined individual, who started at Champlin in the mid-80s as a scheduler and was able to work his way up in rank and purchase the company in the late 1990’s. Now he and his son, Sean Poole, run the company with great success. Many of the employees here also have several years of experience in the industry, some even being at Champlin for over 35 years. With this kind of expertise, clients can be confident that their packages are created with the highest quality.

To improve the quality of their products, Champlin adopted the use of SOLIDWORKS. This change happened only a couple years ago, but there have been major improvements since then. Before this, Champlin used AutoCAD and hand-sketched drawings. Engineering Manager, Gino Magliocco, stated that there was no consistency in the previous format, which resulted in some confusion and errors on the manufacturing floor. With SOLIDWORKS, Champlin has been able to significantly increase the efficiency in manufacturing because SOLIDWORKS drawings “are much easier to visualize and comprehend.” They are also able to design and create drawings faster due to the use of equation-based models. With SOLIDWORKS, Champlin is more confident when sending drawings to customers for approval. The proofs are visually appealing and easier to conceptualize.

Champlin prides themselves on their ability to adhere to their customers needs in many ways. They provide a variety of packaging materials & services such as wood (ISPM-15 certified), plastic, corrugated fiberboard, foam, custom CNC and digitizing services. They will also work closely with other manufacturers to provide additional services such as specialty coatings, welding, printing plates and die fabrication; Proving to be a one-stop shop for your total packaging and material handling needs.

Packaging is often a forgotten world when it comes to the manufacturing process. We all have to admit that how we ship a product is never the first thing we think about, nor the second. We are lucky if it crosses our minds the day before our scheduled shipping time. Therefore, Champlin is extremely efficient and fast with their manufacturing cycle. Depending on the product size, material and quantity, they can produce packaging within one to five business days to keep you on schedule as best as possible. Many companies fall into a situation where they need to ship only a few parts, yet most packaging manufacturers will only create containers in large order quantities. That’s what makes Champlin-Packrite better than the rest – whether it’s one or 1000 containers that you may need, they will gladly help you out.

Champlin provides total packaging needs from inception to delivery of goods. Clients can provide dimensions or their own design files for the containers they would like built or if needed Champlin can send a packaging engineer to visit your facility and measure your product. Then, using SOLIDWORKS, the containers are created with the given specifications to assure that they are made to meet all requirements. As stated by Magliocco, “There are a lot of factors that go into the thought of designing any packaging container that many people aren’t aware of. We often have to start at the end use and work our way to the beginning so we don’t miss any details.” Champlin has made containers as large as 30’ long X 12’ wide x 12’ high. With containers that large you need to consider the route to get to the client’s facility with the finished product including bridges and tunnels you may need to avoid. They also consider if the client has an unloading area and equipment to do so, which way the container is to be opened, and if the product will later be shipped by truck or boat when making its way to the final destination. These are all factors that are taken into account by the engineering staff to guarantee that you receive your materials on time to fulfill your shipping needs. That’s not all – Champlin has a facility that is over 100 thousand square feet. This space gives them the capabilities to store containers for customers on a short or long term basis. 

With Connecticut being a great hub for manufacturing, Champlin-Packrite is familiar with a multitude of industries. They work with large corporations, as well as, mom and pop shops. They often work with aerospace manufacturing organizations, making them experts in shipping fragile and expensive parts of different sizes within any industry. So regardless of what it is you must ship, you can count on Champlin-Packrite to pack it right.

For more information about Champlin-Packrite please visit their site.

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